Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Good! I like how 30 minutes before it's over he wakes up on the beach and you think that it was all a dream, but then he gets put back in the room. Also, when I just watched it the ending was different than how I saw it in theaters. I preferred the one I just saw over the one I saw in the theater, because he ends up being dead and trapped as a ghost in the room, rather than the disappointing ending of him actually getting out of the room alive. I didn't like thinking that when the hour reset, the character would be placed back into a position where the outside world had enough access to him that they could force entry into the room and rescue him.

Why are wireless internet signals and cell phone signals used as such major plot devices in horror films today? I always think it doesn't work. His room seemed to be moving into another dimension, and his door was covered by bricks, and no one could hear him through the walls, but yet the wifi worked? Lame.



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