Friday, October 3, 2008

Daft Punk's Electroma

Daft Punk's helmets are undeniably awesome, and always have been, but you can't make a movie where this is all it has going for it. The ENTIRE second half of this movie was the two characters walking through the desert, I was surprised that they could have sat down and watched the finished product and not thought, this is really really boring. Also, it's funny that The Daft Punk Movie has no Daft Punk music.

I like the camera/film/style they used, I liked the music not being a bunch of re-hashed Daft Punk music, I liked how the guy's face looked like a motherboard when he took off the helmet, I liked the white room they went in to turn into humans, and once again I'm absolutely in love with their helmets, other than that this movie was really terrible. They tried to make it seem deep and meaningful, but it just ended up being pretty stupid.


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